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May 022017
Ready … Set … Go!

Maybe you’ve had a desire or two hanging around in the corner of your mind, a little something naughty that might be fun to explore.  But when’s the right time to bring it up?  When is it right to step outside our routines and bring a bit more excitement into our relationships and lives?  The […]

Mar 032017
Bastinado: The Art of Sensual Foot Spanking

I had a beautiful experience recently.  I attended the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex, and while roaming through the festival, I came across a workshop called Foot Pampering and Foot Fetish by Mynx and Kinta.  This definitely caught my attention, as my feet have always been a sensual and erotic spot for me. The workshop […]

Feb 012017
Total Lockdown

How many times a day do you check your email?  Facebook?  Text or answer texts?  Check the phone to see if anything new has come in? It isn’t just the digital world that monopolises our attention.  Every time we turn around, something pops up that urgently demands our attention.  Something else to do, someone else […]

Nov 012016
Honouring the Limit

Bondage play is an exploration, an excursion into sensual realms that are outside the fold of ‘vanilla’ play.  And, in the process of exploration, we each have our limits, an edge that becomes uncomfortable when we pass it.  Respecting our lover’s limit keeps our play hot and healthy, and the key is communication. Having a […]

Oct 012016
Never Too Late

I had a friend pass away recently. It was one of those things that came as a bit of a shock. Left me not quite sure how to feel, and I found some heavy thoughts floating through. He was the same age as me, and I couldn’t help but reflect on my own life. If […]