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Jan 302015

Bondassage BlissA beat is an interesting concept – it can mean a percussive tap, a pulse and, in creative endeavors like music and artwork, it can even mean a pause for emphasis. It can build a soothing, almost meditative rhythm or it can coax you out of the ordinary into a beautiful, startling expression of surprise and delight. You keep your very own beat with you at all times – your heart – and it guides you consciously, giving you both grace and a comforting familiarity. There are several ways to celebrate the expression of the beat in Bondassage – here are just a few:


Filled with sensitive nerve endings and the delectable thrill of unseen movement, light or medium taps by a skilled practitioner to areas like the butt and the backs of the thighs has wonderful results. This playful action stimulates the skin, bringing both a warming blush and goosebumps that further heighten sensations. Much like the percussive “drumming” motions incorporated into traditional massage routines, these beats wake up the body and get the blood flowing.

Flogging or Crops

Using an erotic tool during bondassage offers even more precision, making it easier to match beats of music in both intensity and pace. From soft, silky strokes of mop-like floggers to the sharper, keener bites of a crop or cane, your body will begin to play its own counter-beat of flushes and shivers of delight after each point of contact is made.

Breathing in Afterglow

As you slowly drift back down to earth after a bondassage session, you will likely notice your breath more intensely – the way your chest moves each time you inhale and exhale, your heartbeat slowing down to normal. This is a special kind of beat that helps you reconnect with your body, enjoying your restored and renewed sense of self as you mull over new memories of your uniquely sensual experience. Just as your session begins with beats that awake your senses and tease them into peaks and valleys, it will conclude with gentle pats, strokes and kneads that stands as a beautiful counterpoint to more intense impacts and sensations.

A Beat of Pause and Reflection

In this writing, I am incorporating a pause of silence and reverence for a fellow Bondassage practitioner that was taken from us far too soon. Shannon Williams departed this life on the 20th of January, 2015 from a brain tumor, leaving behind three beautiful sons, a partner, a co-parent and a far-reaching circle of loving friends, peers and family. Life is precious – a beat in the cosmic timeline – and we must live it to the fullest with experiences, love and joy. If you wish to donate to a memorial fund for Shannon, a special account can be found here

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