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Aug 012019
Tantra and BDSM – a perfect match

I recently had a friend ask if I ever mix BDSM and Tantra.  I realised that this is a great question, and one that I wanted to explore further with my clients and readers.  On the surface, it might seem like an unlikely pairing.  Tantra is connected with spiritual sexuality, while BDSM is more about […]

Jun 012019
Kink is a key to a healthier life

There are lots of elements to health.  Diet, exercise, sleep levels, social connections, the list goes on.  But one of the biggest parts of health has more to do with our minds than our bodies.  Psychological health is about being open to new experiences.  It’s about being less afraid of rejection and less paranoid about […]

Apr 042019
7 pro tips for sharing an unforgettable Bondassage experience with your lover

It’s incredibly exciting to bring some variety and kink into the bedroom.  Bringing some delicious new sensual play into your experience can breathe new life into a relationship or bring an already awesome intimate connection to new heights of delight.  But this can be intimidating, too.  Where do we start?  If it’s new territory, it’s […]

Feb 052019
The benefits of working with a Bondasssage professional

One of the biggest blocks many of us have is around our sexuality.  When we have doubts about our sexual nature, it reduces our self-esteem, fostering insecurity and doubt.  This is as true for women as it is for men.  And it’s just the beginning.  When our feeling nature is blocked, we can’t enjoy life […]

Dec 012018
Exploring Taboo to Deepen Self-Love and Connection

So, we’ve touched upon this before, but it deserves a little reminder.  Have you ever imagined being tied up while your lover teases you to the very edge of ecstasy and beyond?  Thought of a delightfully firm smack on the ass between sexy stimulation?  Maybe you’d like to be on the giving end, tying your […]

Nov 032018
A Look behind the Curtain

We’re coming close to the end of the year, and I’ve been reflecting on all the changes that the year has brought.  So, I decided to do something a little different with this article and give you all a peek into the inner workings of my business. I’m blessed to be able to do work […]

Sep 032018
Sexuality: Breaking the age limit

There seems to be this unwritten assumption that as we get older, it’s time to stop being sexual or sensual.  That we should put our sensual selves and desire nature on the shelf and start acting like “mature older adults”.  What a load of crap! Maybe you’ve been married for a long time, and things […]

Jul 012018
The light in the darkness: the transformative potential of taboo

Whether you’ve explored that kinky, edgy side of your sexuality or not, it’s there. We all have it. Those hidden desires, those spicy little fantasies. Some curiosity or interest that we might never even talk about. A little ripple of excitement at the thought of a blindfolded sensual encounter, of tying your partner and torturing […]

May 012018
Bondage for beginners – 5 easy tips

Bondage has been part of the sex life for people all across the world for hundreds of years. But for many, it has been considered taboo, kept behind closed doors and spoken of only in a whisper. Thankfully, that has been changing over the last few years. Odds are, if you haven’t gotten a bit […]

Mar 012018
A time to remember

I love to live my life as a continual opening, a progressive expansion.  This means pushing the boundaries, feeling out my edges and pushing past them when it feels right.  Recently, I moved past one of my edges in a really beautiful way, and I’d love to share it with you. One thing I’ve been […]