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Jan 012018
Self-pleasuring and healthy self-love

Regular self-pleasuring is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and our relationships.  And all too often, there’s a stigma of shame and guilt around it.  Society may have taught us that masturbation is immoral, or unhealthy.  This programming is more than just wrong – it can be actively damaging to our relationships […]

Dec 012017
Ho Ho Ho!  Time for a little reminder from your sexy Santa.

How naughty have you been this year?  Really, delightfully, unbelievably naughty?  I sure hope so.  And if not, why not?  What are you waiting for? Think back on all the delicious sexual adventures you have had this year.  What’s been left unsaid, and what’s been left undone?  Have you been left breathless, taken to the […]

Nov 012017
Your Garden: Trimming your bush or allowing it to grow?

How do you like your bush?  Neatly trimmed?  A triangle or a runway?  Completely clean shaven?  Or absent entirely?  Have you ever thought about it? So many young women and men feel pressured to remove their body hair.  Modern media and the porn industry depict sexuality with hairlessness, but this wasn’t always the case. Body […]

Sep 012017
The erotic art of spanking: a beginner’s guide to the world of impact play

Erotic spanking is one of the most natural ways to enter the world of BDSM.  It’s a great way to bring a new sensation into an intimate experience, to introduce a bit of playful pain and heighten the experience of pleasure.  And it’s easy.  All you need is a hand and a buttock and you’re […]

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Aug 012017
BDSM and the game of trust

What images come to your mind when you hear BDSM?  For most people, the answer is whips and chains, blindfolds and paddles.  Those who view it from the outside might assume that BDSM is weird and abusive.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s about trust At its core, BDSM is about trust.  It’s […]

Jul 032017
Feeling and Presence

We live in a busy world.  Lots of pressures, lots of demands, and it can be easy to get caught in a cycle.  Rushing from one thing to the next, and thinking about what’s ahead the whole time.  On top of that, since we were young, we’ve been surrounded by “shoulds” and “ought tos”, things […]

May 022017
Ready … Set … Go!

Maybe you’ve had a desire or two hanging around in the corner of your mind, a little something naughty that might be fun to explore.  But when’s the right time to bring it up?  When is it right to step outside our routines and bring a bit more excitement into our relationships and lives?  The […]

Mar 032017
Bastinado: The Art of Sensual Foot Spanking

I had a beautiful experience recently.  I attended the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex, and while roaming through the festival, I came across a workshop called Foot Pampering and Foot Fetish by Mynx and Kinta.  This definitely caught my attention, as my feet have always been a sensual and erotic spot for me. The workshop […]