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Jan 012018

Regular self-pleasuring is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and our relationships.  And all too often, there’s a stigma of shame and guilt around it.  Society may have taught us that masturbation is immoral, or unhealthy.  This programming is more than just wrong – it can be actively damaging to our relationships with ourselves and others.

Sex is healthy and beautiful.  And masturbation is just as important as having sex with a partner.  When we self-pleasure, we actually enhance our connection with our lover.  By touching ourselves and making ourselves feel good, we learn our body, exploring what forms of touch really turn us on, how and where we like to be touched.  Keeping the sexual juices flowing means that orgasms come more easily, and it keeps our body fit so that our orgasms can be stronger and more pleasurable.

Our sexuality is part of the deepest core of our being, and by cultivating a healthy sexual relationship with ourselves, we put ourselves in a space where our intimate times with a partner can be even more juicy and delicious.  Self-pleasuring means that we are taking responsibility for our own sexual lives, making sure that our needs are met rather than depending upon a lover to feel fulfilled.  One of the really beautiful things about this is that, when we do share with a lover, we come together from a space of true intimacy rather than need.  From a desire to explore one another’s bodies, to share touch and intimacy and grow closer through the sharing.

With that in mind, let’s make it exciting!  We can add colour, size, and variety into our lives by bringing in some juicy toys.  There are so many to try, and each has its own feel, just as each style of touch elicits unique and delicious sensations.  Plus, this is a very exciting time in the world of sex toys.  We have access to fun and exquisite sensations that people of a couple of centuries ago would have drooled with anticipation over.

Did you know that the first vibrator was invented in the 1880s?  These days, you can find one pretty much anywhere in the world, and you can enjoy it in the pleasure of your own bedroom.  Or living room.  Or kitchen.  Or a bit beyond, if you’re feeling bold and kinky.  But, back in the early days, the vibrator was patented as a medical instrument.  It required an immense generator and was permanently installed in the doctor’s surgery.  Now, that might offer a bit of excitement in itself, but consider the luxury we take for granted.  We can experience delicious and intense sensations anywhere we want, and at the click of a button.

It doesn’t stop with vibrators, though.  There are entire ranges of kinky toys and sex aids, and we each have the freedom to play.  To explore the different forms of pleasure that ripple through our body as we explore exactly how we like to touch and be touched.

So, it’s a New Year.  A time for new explorations.  A time to step out of the rut and live a little.  What would you like to feel?  And what new toys make you excited just thinking about them?  Why not let yourself play!

Love and light,


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