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Dec 012017

How naughty have you been this year?  Really, delightfully, unbelievably naughty?  I sure hope so.  And if not, why not?  What are you waiting for?

Think back on all the delicious sexual adventures you have had this year.  What’s been left unsaid, and what’s been left undone?  Have you been left breathless, taken to the exquisite heights of pleasure?  Have you explored your boundaries and pushed the ones that are there only because of fear and taboos?  Have you explored intimacy and delight, taking them as far as they can go?

The time is now, boys and girls.  Stuff those stockings with some daring, exciting toys.  Set up the bedroom with candles and flowers, creating some space for a juicy adventure.  Give yourself space to do whatever’s been welling up inside and make it happen.  The year is ending, and you want to enter the next ready for a big and beautiful bang.

So, take a little time and take stock.  What has the year held for you so far?  And what would you like it to hold?  What new experiences would you like to bring into your life?  How you open now will set the tone for the next year, creating the energy that shapes the next year’s adventures.  And if you haven’t made it on to the naughty list this year, then you’ll want to in the coming year.  No questions asked. 😉

As huge as this last year has been, the next promises to be even bigger.  Ever more expansion, travel, and new horizons to explore.  I can hardly wait.  And I won’t have to for too much longer.  The next year is right around the corner.  I’d like to take this changing of the seasons as a time to remember why I’m here.  What I really want, and how I can use the choices offered to me in each moment to move towards it.  And I would like to invite each of you to do the same.

I’d like to wish everyone an indulgent holiday season.  These are jolly times, and jolly means it’s time to bring more delight into your life in every moment.  That’s what this season is really all about for those of us brave enough to explore our boundaries and push the limit.  There’s nothing like a little bounding and bouncing to make this season all that it can be.  And to follow it up, let’s all have the most glorious, delicious, and inspiring entry into the new year.  After all, now is the time to be alive.  It’s the only time we ever have.

So, without further ado, I give some holiday blessings to each and all.  Get excited, get a bit sexy, and above all, make your way onto the naughty list.  That’s where all the fun is.  Sending a wink and a smile and a “Ho ho ho” to everyone.

Love and light

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