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Sensual bondageBondage rope is a love tool that is associated with many intriguing concepts – the damsel in distress, the restrained superhero – that send the pulse racing with excitement. Knowing how to select and use this lovely piece of equipment in your own boudoir will bring the particular magic of a braided coil right into your hands…or around them, as the case may be!

Discover Your Sensations

If you’ve never played with or experimented with rope in a sensual way, you probably think of it as being rough and scratchy like twine, or smooth and plastic like boating line. In reality, there are a delightful number of bondage ropes made especially for the sensual arts, with materials, construction and even colors created to appeal to the senses. Two of the most popular types are jute – made from the plant of the same name – and hemp, which is created from non-THC bearing (non “drug”) marijuana plants. Other more exotic options include bamboo fiber rope, silk rope and manmade nylon rope, the latter of which can even be purchased in a glow in the dark form. All of these are available in different diameters ranging from twine-thin to 5 millimeter clothesline rope and larger, and can be easily and discreetly purchased from online retailers.

Safe, Satisfying Play

Rope is a wonderful addition to an adult bedroom collection, but certain rules need to be followed to ensure it is used safely. The person doing the tying up should be aware of dangerous constriction points – never tie a loop around the neck, for example – and have a quick way of removing the rope if there’s trouble, such as a pair of scissors or knife capable of easily cutting away knots or complicated ties without putting the “wearer” in danger of cuts or punctures. In general, many rope enthusiasts follow the “two finger” rule for safe blood circulation during a tying session: you should be able to easily slip two fingers in between the rope and the restrained individual’s skin. Remember: always communicate with your partner before trying out new toys, and keep in constant contact with their state of well being throughout your playtime – this will eliminate a great deal of potential issues.

Care and Keeping of Bondage Rope

Like fine leather bondage toys or clothing, bondage rope must be carefully stored between uses to maintain good flexibility and a long lifespan. Periodically using a manufacturer-specified oil to condition the rope, or tying the rope in a pillowcase and tossing it in with a mild detergent in the washing machine on a gentle cycle will help prolong its new look and feel. Store rope in a ‘hank’ by using a figure 8 tied around itself. Additionally, keep the ends away from curious pets and children, who may accidentally unwind the braid.

If you want to experiment with rope but feel a little nervous, ask a bondage or sensuality professional to help you choose a beginner set, or have them tie you up to experience rope firsthand. There are pre-made rope cuffs on the market, as well as lavishly illustrated books and videos that can help you learn the art of bondage rope knots and ties. Bondage rope is fun, exhilarating and exciting – once you pick up your first coil of rope, you may never want to put it down!

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