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Jul 012016

Wsex-from-the-insidehat if I told you that there’s a whole new level of sexual intensity, passion, and connection ahead of you? A way to feel more, share more deeply, and step into realms of sensuality that you might never have imagined?

We don’t have to think too hard about that one, right? Sign me up. What do I have to do? And that’s the key right there: You don’t have to do anything. In fact, the key is to stop doing.

Many of us have come to think of sex as something to perform. We might even wonder if we’re doing it right. Are we good enough? The mind enters the equation, and we lose presence. We let all these projection and expectations (or projections of expectations) run the show. And that’s a sure way to lose the passion of the moment. When the mind starts running the show, we start to chase the orgasm, our bodies become less sensitive and less responsive, and the sex starts to follow a script. And when this happens, passion starts to slide away and all of those little things that the mind is good at, begin to take centre stage.

Sexual connection is one of the most natural things we can share. The energy rises, the passion mounts and our bodies move us into a beautiful expression of ecstasy. The key is to let that happen. Instead of doing sex, let the sexual energy do you. Don’t think about it, and don’t rush it. Just let the energy lead the way. This lets the passion build naturally, nothing forced, just rising in you with spontaneity and building into delicious sensual play.

The trick is to let go. Let go of the idea of what you want to do or how you think it has to be. Get present. Just feel your body. Spend some time with your lover. Don’t wait for the right moment, just feel it and follow it. This takes a bit of practice, especially when we’re so trained to plan, think, and let the mental chatter govern every aspect of our lives. The practice is to stop and listen. Listen to your lover and listen to yourself, to the energies that rise in your body. And when they lead you to reach out, to touch, to embrace or kiss, just follow the flow.

One thing that helps is to just slow down. Linger with the kiss. Breathe into the embrace. Relax into the sensual connection. Drop in to the body and feel how every sensation is heightened. Let the desire build, let it excite you, arouse you, open you, and show you what your body really wants. Right now, in this moment. The more you relax and allow it to be, the more you’ll feel the delicious tingle of sexual energy coursing through your body. This is sex from the inside.

As soon as we let go, as soon as we stop forcing it, everything flows with grace and ease. Don’t rush to the orgasm. There’s no need to set a schedule, follow the script, play up to any expectations, no need to do anything. The most sensual, delicious feelings are there for those that just allow their connection to be. The sensual embrace, the passionate kiss, the lingering gaze might not turn into a romp in the bedroom. Or it might. But either way, it will leave you feeling alive and vibrant, sexy and seen. With this kind of presence and the simple act of allowing, we open the door to a closer, more fulfilling, and more exciting connection. And the intimacy that comes from this connection, whatever form it takes, is filled with the most passion and ecstasy that we can share.

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