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Feb 012017

How many times a day do you check your email?  Facebook?  Text or answer texts?  Check the phone to see if anything new has come in?

It isn’t just the digital world that monopolises our attention.  Every time we turn around, something pops up that urgently demands our attention.  Something else to do, someone else to talk to.  Something to watch or listen to.  The frantic pace of things can keep us busy from the time we wake up in the morning until the moment we lay down for the night.

We have control over our response to the world, but often we can’t see it.  We get so swept up in the current of life’s demands that we go on autopilot, and sometimes just need to numb out so we don’t have to keep tuned in to the next thing we have to do.  Which is another distraction, another way to miss what’s really happening for us and within us.

But what if you could take an hour, two hours, a whole night, and just let go?  What if you didn’t have to do anything, didn’t have to respond to anyone, if you could just be for that time?  Time enough to sit with yourself and tune in.  Time enough to feel what’s coming up, and to let the swirl of thoughts slow down and still.

But that’s hard, right?  How could we just unplug and let the world move without jumping in to move it along?  We’re so programmed to keep moving that sometimes we actually need a little help in slowing down.  A little help in “being” instead of doing.  This is what lockdown is all about.

It’s an honour to offer the lockdown experience for my clients this year.  For those who would like help in letting go, in slowing down, in dropping that obsessive need to take control of life and the decisions of the moment, I create a space where you can just be.  You can surrender and take time out, nowhere to go, nothing to do.  Just Being.

We use control against ourselves so often in life.  Taking hold of all the myriad details, grabbing the tiger by the tail and holding on for dear life.  But all it does is wear us out.  An endless bid for control providing a fleeting illusion of security.  And since change is the only constant, it begins to escalate.  More time, more control, more effort spent distracting ourselves from those discomforts within until…  Wham!  We get sick, or get tired, or break down, or drop the ball.

There’s only one way around it.  Just stop.

The world won’t fall down around you.  And you’ll finally have the chance to tune in to you, to the only person you absolutely have to spend every moment of your life with.  At first, we strain against it.  We try to find something to occupy the attention.  We try to find some distraction to cling to.  But with time, the magical ingredient.  Things start to slow down.  We find ourselves relaxing.  We find a bit of space between the thoughts and relax into where we are.  Into the present and what’s happening for us right now.  We start to hear those little voices and insights that have been drowned out by the chaos, and things start to come into focus.

Life finally starts to come into focus when we let go.  And this is what I’m offering.  A bit of time to un-program the rush and the busy-ness.  To move into the eye of the hurricane and find the stillness we all crave, whether we know it or not.  Surrender is victory.

If this is something that speaks to you, reach out to me here.

In love and light,


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