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May 022017

Maybe you’ve had a desire or two hanging around in the corner of your mind, a little something naughty that might be fun to explore.  But when’s the right time to bring it up?  When is it right to step outside our routines and bring a bit more excitement into our relationships and lives?  The answer: now.  Every moment is a chance to start something new.  Each moment is an opportunity to set out on an adventure, think outside the box, and explore something you’ve been wanting to experience.

It’s time to take stock of those hidden desires and taboo pleasures to see how we can bring a new spark into our relationships.  The beautiful thing is that you don’t need to be a bondage expert to give an amazing bondassage session.  Just give it a go, tap into some imagination and get a basic understanding around your partner’s needs and desires.  Explore some tools you’d like to bring into the sensual play, get started, and away you go!

You can offer your partner a whole range of different sensual touches with just what you have around the house.  The flat of a hairbrush is beautiful for a little light spanking, or a touch harder if that’s where the energy wants to go.  And a light stroke with a toothbrush or the tines of a fork can send chills throughout the whole body.  The drape of a light scarf along the skin can be exquisite.  And bringing fruit or chocolate into the bedroom can be deliciously exciting.  Just think about how it might feel to have passionfruit drizzled over your body and then sensually licked off with your lover’s tongue.  So challenge yourself to look around, do a little kinky brainstorming, and see what you come up with together.  Even just having the conversation around the things you’d like to bring into your sensual play can be enough to get the blood boiling.

And, if you’re having some trouble thinking of some new ways to play, you can get a book and read it together, following the instructions at first, and then seeing where things want to go.  There’s a range of beautiful works on the subject, and even exploring what you can find together is a great way to explore new ideas and open the floor to share some secret desires with your partner.  Some of my favourite pieces to explore with a lover are The Art of Sexual Ecstasy by Margo Anand and Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas.  Both are sensual and thrilling, perfect for a couple to begin their exploration of bondage and sensual play.

Of course, if you’d like to fast track your way to picking up juicy new things to share in the bedroom, you can always find a practitioner of the sensual arts.  This can be exciting to share in its own way, and a luscious gift to the relationship.  All it really takes is to get started, tune in to your own needs and desires, and listen to your partner share their own.  Once you get going, you’ll find new ideas coming thick and fast, and this brings in a whole new level of exciting exploration into the partnership.

So, what would you like to experience?  And what would you like to share with your partner?  What juicy new sensual adventures can you set out on together?  Just challenge yourself to think outside the box and bring in some imagination, and you’ll be amazed how thrilling things can get!

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