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Feb 012016
by André Karwath

by André Karwath

Every different tool offers its own unique sensation, from floggers to fur, feathers to scarves. Sensation play is an opportunity to let your creativity flow and see what happens. And you don’t need to spend loads of money on your play—you can find heaps of interesting and fun sensation tools around the home. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Silk Scarves

The silk scarf is a beautiful and versatile Bondassage tool. One way you can bring it into your play is as a blindfold. Take your time and be sensual with the scarf when blindfolding your partner, allowing them to feel the sensation of the material. Or you may drape the scarf up and down upon your lovers skin, gliding it along the body, allowing them to feel the sensation of the silk scarf to excite and arouse.

  1. Combs or Forks

You might not have considered these as exquisite sensory tools, but a fork or comb brushed along the skin can be incredibly exciting. Try these along the inside of the thigh or down the side under the ribs. A subtle touch can drive your partner wild. These tools can bring the attention into a fine point and heighten the senses. The fine points can tease your partner and get them ready for hotter play.

  1. Chocolate and Fresh Fruit

The use of taste for erotic pleasure is often overlooked, but it can add a beautiful spice to the Bondassage session. You can start by using them for sensory play, like sliding a moist grape against the nipple or along the sensitive skin of the lips. Take your time and enjoy these lush sensations, and remember that offering tastes of food can be highly erotic for some people. Little nibbles between sexual talk or sensual touch can increase arousal immensely. You can also tease your lover by rubbing or drizzling tastes onto their body, and then licking them off, honey or dripping chocolate for example. Anyone hungry?

  1. Fur and Feathers

Brushing fur or gliding a feather against the naked skin brings in a luxurious and exotic feeling. These light sensory tools can be extremely erotic. Fur and feathers feel amazing when stroked along any area of the body. Bringing them into the play can heighten sensitivity and bring your lover fully into their body. Subtle strokes can be some of the most delicious sensations.

  1. Paddles, Crops, and Floggers

Sensory deprivation is a part of the Bondassage session, as well as light restraint and sensory play, but some people like a bit more intensity. Bringing spanking into the play can ramp up the passion in a heartbeat. They make a beautiful counterpoint to the lighter forms of sensation like fur and feathers, and bring a variety of different feelings into the sensory play. A light cane or paddle can bring in a sting, a superficial pain that bites or tingles, increasing circulation to the skin and waking the senses up. This is a great warm-up to get your lover ready for more intensity.

These are just a few of the sensory tools you can use to excite, tease, arouse, and delight your partner. Have fun with it! Take a look around the house and see what you come up with. Sharing a hunt around the house with your partner can be an erotic bit of foreplay in itself. Get creative. You’ll discover a treasure trove of sensation and hours of delicious play.

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