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May 022016

Bondassage-coaching-the-real-sex-educationDo you remember Sex Ed the way it was taught in school? The way I remember it, there were long lectures on the dangers of sex and the need for abstinence. Scare tactics, exaggerated statistics, discussions on disease and abortion. It left many of us feeling that sex was somehow bad or wrong. At the least it was considered dangerous, and at best, socially unacceptable outside of marriage. With education like this, it’s no wonder so many of us walk around feeling unfulfilled, sexually frustrated, and completely unaware of how to relate to ourselves or one another in healthy, loving ways.

Sex is natural.

Sex is one of the most beautiful forms of sharing that we can engage in. It’s part of life, a powerful force of nature, and no amount of scare tactics can stop us from reaching out and connecting with one another. But we can be taught how to touch. We can be taught to accept our own sexuality as natural, healthy, and beautiful. And we can be taught how to arouse and excite our partner, how to enjoy our own sexual energies. We can be shown the power of touch, the joy of sensual and conscious relating, and the beauty of connecting from the heart rather than the head. And rather than making sex forbidden, this form of education brings us into acceptance. It helps us to enjoy our connection, to know how to touch and feel. Real sex education teaches about relating honestly and sincerely with one another, communicating our needs being receptive to the needs of others. Sincerity without judgment, passion from the heart, and a knowledge of how to touch.

Bondassage coaching is a beautiful way to learn what sexual connection is truly about. My coaching sessions are a way of giving back to yourself. Imagine yourself in beautiful surroundings, receiving honest, real instruction on how to arouse and be aroused, how to engage playfully and lovingly in the sexual experience. Coming from a conscious, vulnerable space and learning how to hold and arouse your partner in this space. Bondassage coaching can transform your understanding of your own nature as a sexual being, changing your relationship with your sexuality for the better.

A course in Bondassage is an opportunity to explore your desires. It’s quality time receiving real education. A course in making your sex more exciting, discovering new ways to satisfy your partner or show them exactly how you like to be satisfied. This is an opportunity to breathe new life into a relationship that has become stagnant with routine, or to enliven a good relationship by receiving a guide to those unexplored depths of passionate connection. And the benefits are not just for those already in relationship. With a background in Bondassage, you can bring a wealth of sensual knowledge and delicious sensory play into a new relationship. This is the sort of training that should be available for everyone once they begin to have an interest in connecting intimately with others, a dance with the body and nerves that enhances every aspect of your relating.

Bondassage Coaching is the most exciting and rewarding course on the market now. A chance to deepen your connection to yourself and your partner. An opportunity to give back to yourself, exploring the heights of pleasure that should be available to us all. Discover yourself on a deeper level than you thought possible. Learn how to make your play more fulfilling, every day, and in every way. And give yourself a gift that you will cherish every moment of your life.

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